A chilling science fiction tale about the dangers hidden deep in space.

Transcript of Final Transmission of Corporate Transport Cheveyo

Incident report: 21-12-2254

Interview subject: Passenger no. 361

Camera is pointed at a small table with chairs on either side. A teenage girl is slouched in the chair on the right, arms hugging her knees tightly to her chest. She is wearing an oversized passenger coverall; her hair is long and dull, partially covering her face. The door across from the camera opens and a woman in a corporate jumpsuit walks in carrying a netpad. She sits across from the girl studying the netpad for a moment before putting it down and looking intently at her.

”Senior Intake Agent Pamela Yu recording and transmitting interview of subject Millicent Adams on behalf of Laika Enterprises. I am investigating the unauthorized premature breach of subject’s stasis pod. Records show you were twelve years old when the Cheveyo left Titan Transit Station en route to the Laika colony on Luyten b. Is that correct?”

The girl does not respond. The agent regards her for a moment before continuing.

“The computer logged that your stasis pod lost its seal shortly after final checks were performed and the launch crew exited the ship. My review of the security feeds showed a scrap of fabric blocking the gas vent, triggering the failsafe. You then exited the pod about an hour after departure.”

The girl pushes a strand of hair out of her face lifting her head slightly. Her voice is so soft it is barely captured on the recording.

“I was scared if I went to sleep in it, I wouldn’t wake up again.”