A light hearted horror short and a cautionary tale of meddling about with unknown hallucinogens. Originally published in the Summer 2022 issue of The Sirens Call eZine

I loved mushrooms. Especially on pizza. Especially when it was the sausage and extra mushroom pizza from Lorenzo’s. When I was carb-loading before a cross-country meet, I could practically eat a large pie by myself. Now, I can’t even look at a mushroom without feeling queasy.

The trouble started a few days ago; one of my dorm mates, Greg, was rushing Mu Theta Rho and convinced me to tag along. All the official rush activities were done, and a couple other pledges were in the basement of the frat house playing a video game with one of the MTR brothers, Chad. He rage-quit after losing the third match in a row and turned it off to a chorus of groans.

“Game sucks, anyways,” he grumbled. “I have a better idea of what to do.”

He pulled a mason jar off the top of a tall bookshelf and cradled it to his chest, obscuring the contents.  “Now, with the understanding that this isn’t officially condoned by the chapter, but will definitely help me put in a good word for you pledges,” Chad grinned widely while presenting the jar to us. “Who wants to do some shrooms?”